freedom of Speech and Worship

The first amendment is to be honored and protected by the state.

Educational Freedom

Parents have a natural right to determine how their children are educated.


Local stewardship of Forest and Lands while restoring salmon runs to the upper Columbia and Snake with win/win solutions.

Voter Integrety

Transparency and secure ballots with paper trails.

Medical Freedom

Informed choice between a Patient and their Doctor.

Self Defense

The right to bear arms is sacrosanct for every law abiding Citizen.

Break the imbalance

Learn The Story

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Your voice is heard

In East Washington, the common man will experience a renaissance of family, community, and faith. No longer will you be overshadowed by bustling metropolises, as your concerns and aspirations will be given the attention and respect through more local representation. By fostering stronger connections with neighbors and local leaders, the fabric of our community will be woven with trust and mutual support. Parents will find a nurturing environment where their children can grow up with family values and a deep appreciation for their roots. This new state will become a sanctuary for faith, where individuals can practice their beliefs freely. Together, we will build a state that cherishes the essence of life, providing a safe haven for families and thriving communities.

The Constitution is on Our Side

The United States Constitution, the foundation of our nation’s governance, explicitly outlines the process for admitting new states in Article IV, Section 3. This section, known as the New States Clause, grants Congress the authority to admit new states into the Union, ensuring that the legal framework for expanding our nation is well-established. Throughout American history, this constitutional provision has allowed for the addition of 37 states since the original 13 colonies, illustrating the adaptability and foresight of our founding fathers. The New States Clause recognizes the potential for growth and change, allowing for the United States to evolve and ensuring that the aspirations of communities seeking fair representation can be pursued within the bounds of our constitution.

As we proceed down this path, there may be other remedies that would allow for statehood since representation is endemic to the American experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about Freedom?

Every since 1861, East Washington has wanted to break away from the western half of the state. With today’s changes such as a growing grassroots movement and the ability to leverage the power of today’s social media, it is now more possible than ever to realize the creation of East Washington.

Will our voices be heard?

King, Pierce, and Snohomish are the three most populated counties in the state of Washington, making up 51% of the state’s population. Their decisions will decide taxes, laws, and rights for the rest of the state. With the division of East Washington, our voices will be heard. We will finally be represented, and can make our own decisions on how we live our lives, raise our families, and build community.

What values will the state hold?

East Washington will put the family first, whether it’s rural, suburban, or urban. The family is the essence of the American Nation, and by upholding its importance we will make the state strong and moral.

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Make History

The last state to be added to the United States was Hawaii on the 21st of August, 1959. Earlier that year, Alaska was added, breaking the long streak of 47 years without a new state added. Currently, it’s been 64 years since the latest state was added, making it the longest time period without new states. Breaking this gap would be a historical landmark, showing that the states are still able to change, and that we can make an impact on history.

It Has Happened, It Can Happen Again


In the past, states like Massachusetts and Virginia were split into smaller states. Virginia was split off into Kentucky, and then eventually West Virginia, showing how a state can undergo several splits.

Massachusetts is very interesting in how it was originally two areas of land that weren’t touching. The area that eventually became Maine was slightly smaller, missing some of the top half.